Check out our list of the best private luxury villas Bali has to offer. Hand selected, all come with a chef and 24h staff. All villas are professionally managed and extremely well taken care of. Experience true paradise in spectacular settings. If you are uncertain about where to stay, or which villa suits your needs, or if wish to know more about a specific property, leave a quick note via the contact form and the support staff will help you to find the perfect spot: Bali Villas

fully serviced villas bali

Unmatched Service in all listed villas. Fully staffed, fully serviced.

Bali villas are truly magical, offering luxury and privacy in the most peaceful of settings. Visitors can find a home away from home in the island’s upscale villa resorts or in private villas that cater to a wide range of budgets, and in styles that vary from hip and modern to regal and traditional.

The fully serviced villas that are the norm in Bali typically have their own cooks, maids, and drivers who care for their visitors’ every need, making sure that their vacations are perfect. All of the modern amenities can be found, including media centers with sound systems, widescreen TVs, and DVD players, fast wifi connections, and fully appointed international kitchens. Single travelers and couples can enjoy 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom villas, while families or groups can come together to enjoy an affordable vacation in a multi-room property with central dining and lounge areas. Villas in Bali typically have at least one private pool, where swimmers can look out over lush rice fields or quiet beaches, or just relax poolside with a drink.

Even in busier parts of Bali like Kuta and Seminyak, villas offer a private oasis of calm. Visitors who get tired of their private chef can order in or dine out at world class restaurants. Qualified nannies are also often available for tired families who need a break.

Bali’s private villas and villa resorts are often surprisingly affordable, and many travelers prefer to share a rental villa rather than stay in separate hotel rooms. On the other end, those looking for the experience of a lifetime can find it in Bali’s most luxurious villas, where jet-setters from around the world come to get away from it all.