Bali is still a very safe Holiday Destination

After the terrorist attacks which are mostly called the bali bombings, in which many people including foreigners died, nobody can say Bali is 100% safe today – but which place in the world is? Madrid, London, Egypt – and what will be next on the agenda of those who use violence agains innocent people?

Bali, however, has learned some good lessons from the incidents, and security precautions in resorts and public places as well as on the village level are today much higher than ever before – now not only involving local and foreign police but also the military and many village people, too.

Tourists have come back and Bali enjoys a peaceful lifestyle like before. There is theft and crime on Bali like anywhere else in the world but the general feeling of safety, the tolarence and acceptance towards foreigners is really unique here and it is this special atmosphere of freedom and liberation that make so many visitors come back.

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