How to get around on Bali

BALI Motorbike Rental & Car Rental with Driver

Although public transportation on Bali is almost non-existent, it is quite easy to get around on Bali comfortably and safely – if you know how. Most Bali visitors will not stay in hotels or villas that are located in short walking distance to the beaches or preferred restaurants (even if it looks like that on the google map). So one needs to find a way to getting around on Bali, to the beach, the restaurants, temples, activities, shopping streets and shopping malls.

Here are our suggestions for Bali, that allow you to explore the island easily, and safely.

1. Bali Car Rental with Driver

If you are traveling with a small group, or family with kids, then this is perfect for full-day and half-day trips. Explore the island with your own car and driver and go to the places that interest you most.


Renting a car is a wonderful way to organize your own individual tour program when it comes to exploring the Island of Gods. Usually visitors rent a car on Bali with a driver – and do not attempt to drive on their own, for good reasons. We also would advise you to do the same. Traffic conditions on Bali can be quite challenging. And if you drive on your own, you will of course be fully responsible for any damages on the car, accidents, problems with the police etc…and that can end up becoming very costly – at best.

If you are looking for a reliable driver for a day or half a day, we usually suggest to be a bit picky these days. We feel most comfortable with companies that do their homework well. This means: cars are in good condition, drivers are trained, employed and paid fair wages, reliable service and punctuality. Proper insurances, licenses and permits should be in place.

Book your car and driver online!

Car Rental with Driver Half Day - 5 h
Book your Toyota Avanza, Ertiga or Innova for up to 4 guests directly online. All cars are in top condition, drivers trained and reliable, vehicles insured. All included. Don’t settle for less.
Prices start at USD30, all included.

Car Rental with Driver Half Day - 10 h
Book your Toyota Avanza, Ertiga or Innova for up to 4 guests directly online. Usually 10h is the perfect duration for a day trip filled with a good mixture of sightseeing spots, temples and natural attractions. All cars are in top condition, drivers trained and reliable, vehicles insured. Don’t settle for less.

Prices start at USD55, all included.

Bali Bike Rental – Hire a scooter Online

Check out our preferred partner who puts Safety and Service first. All new scoopy scooters, they drop and pick up the bike at your preferred location, 24/7 hotline, great insurance, online booking facility, impeccable service, value for money at its best. Book and reserve your scooter online and expect it to be at your doorstep the moment you arrive at your hotel – ready for you to explore Bali.

Bali Motorbike Rental

2. Bali Motorbike Rental – Rent a scooter for a day or your entire stay on Bali

If you are familiar with driving a scooter or motorbike AND if you can adapt to the different “driving style”, then this is the easiest way to get around. Particularly for short distances

To rent a scooter with one of the countless scooter rental shops on Bali is easy and will allow you to go anywhere quickly. You simply park the motorbike or scooter in front of your villa or hotel during the night. However, most bikes will “not be in good condition”, not have the proper document nor insurance. Helmets are run down, smelly and often broken. SAFETY should be your main concern when you rent a motorbike or scooter in Bali; and this starts with choosing the right rental shop, a good bike, with an insurance, wear a helmet, have a license. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE – EVER. Go to a trustworthy and professional shop. Tricksters in this business try to blame you for old damages and then make you pay. If the scooter rental shop does not look good, or the people there look not trustworthy, follow your intuition and go somewhere else. If the price is too cheap? Think twice too.


You can get a cheap scooter for ca. 5-6US$. However, do NOT try to save money by compromising on safety, quality and professional service. It is simply not worth it when you run into trouble.

Here you can find a comparison sheet about the 6 main Bali motorbike rentals

Note: Bad accidents do happen daily with tourists who drive around with half-broken bikes. And the potential hassle you can run into when having even a minor accident, is too much of a risk. Particularly in Kuta, be super critical from whom you rent. We do not suggest to rent from shops that want to keep your passport as a deposit, unless you are pretty sure they are professional. If it feels dodgy…it most probably is.

For renting a motorbike or car it is important to choose the company well, from which you wish to rent. Don’t save a few bucks (which you can easily) by compromising on the wrong things. Accidents do happen and problems arise, but it does not need to end in chaos, stress and unnecessary costs, just because you saved at the wrong end. This is experience speaking :-)

Uber and Grab

On Bali both companies are active in Bali and you will find cars that take you from A to B. However, there is trouble in the air. A huge movement coming form the local drivers that usually line the streets of Bali offering their transportation service, are VERY much against those two services. Because prices are fixed and transparent, they will make much less money on a single customer. And because they are afraid, that drivers who do not belong to their community, will steal their business.

We know of Uber and Grab drivers who have been beaten up or whose cars have been damaged. You will see signs, where Uber and Grab drivers are threatened to pay a Rp. 15mio fine, when they get caught. Having said that, you will therefore not always and everywhere get a driver through those apps. But you can always try. Prices are really cheap, roughly 50% off the official taxi fares. Also, because the Uber and Grab drivers don’t have all the costs when running an official transportation business (taxes, insurances, licenses, etc).

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