Food on Bali – Don’t miss it

The attraction of the Indonesian island of Bali and its unique cuisine are brought to life with this upcoming unique collection of lavishly illustrated recipes introducing Bali’s most popular delicacies. We are just renovating this page and the recipes will be back online

Discover the secrets of this extraordinary cuisine with the most popular dishes introduced by Swiss-born Heinz von Holzen who arrived in Bali in 1990. Initially Heinz worked as Executive Chef at the Grand Hyatt and at the Ritz Carlton Bali, and he is now the proprietor of the famous Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School.

Heinz wrote the book "The Food of Bali", and these web pages are a continuation of his book with new photos and more detailed information on traditional Balinese ingredients and cooking techniques.

Welcome to the culinary secrets of the "Island of the Gods"!

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