Costs on Bali

Costs of Traveling in Bali

Overall, Bali is a holiday destination that offers great value for money. It’s comparably cheap in any category of your choice. travel on a budget or go up the scale and take the best that lxuruy has to offer. All is available.

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You can book many tours and tickets at the many booths that line the streets of Bali. Most of them are not official travel agents, have no fixed prices. Sometimes, not everything works out as planned or ends up costing as you expected.

You can save yourself some time, hassle and money, and book your Bali adventures and activities online at, at fixed prices, with a reliable service. We have handpicked their featured activities based on quality, service, safety, and fun factor.

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Accommodation, Hotels, Private Villas
More than 5000 hotels, resorts, and villas to choose from. And many booking portals on the market. What to do? We have done our research and compared all booking portals. At the end we chose the one that gives you the best offers, has a great interface, makes cancellation easy and quotes the final prices whenever possible. If you compare portals, always check final prices, some deliberately add tax and service charges at the end of the booking process.

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Accommodation in Bali

What does a hotel room cost in Bali?

Generally speaking, hotel rates in Bali range from about US$20 for a basic but clean, air-conditioned room with private bathroom up to US$3,500 + 21% tax & service charge per day for the most stunning Balinese villa estate with private pools, a 6 bedrooms, lush tropical gardens, and offering stunning views and polished 5-star service around the clock.

Rooms in basic 2 or 3-star hotels (perhaps USD30-40 or so in Bali) can easily compare with accommodation which can cost USD100 per night in the US or Europe etc. – and usually with less service and facilities.
4 star hotels you should get for 100-150US$.
5 star properties around 150-250USD

It all depends on season and location.

Private Villas

The moment you travel with your family or in a group, you can consider booking a private villa.

Private villas, particularly the 3 bedroom villas and larger properties are offering great value for money, when you compare that with the price you would have to pay for 3 bedrooms in a hotel. And most times, you get more service, more privacy and the atmosphere of true luxury. Those villas are most times fully serviced.

4star villas

Nowadays there are many many self service private villas for 100US$ to 400US$ available for rent. 2 bedroom villas and 3 bedroom villas are the norm on Bali. But some villas have even up to 9 bedrooms. Some are so breathtakingly beautiful, secluded, exclusive, and serviced that it is like renting your own private hotel. And considering what one room costs per night, it might even be cheaper to rent a villa Brangelina would be happy with and pay less than renting 5 or 6 rooms in a 5 star resort. Generally the cleaning staff is usually included in the price and cooks, shoppers can be arranged upon request. Those private villas became a real competition to the 4 to 5 star hotels.

5star villas:

If you aim for the luxurious life, Bali is offering like almost no other holiday destination, what you get for your money will in most cases overwhelm you. Check out the complete list of the best of the best luxury villas on Bali. Carefully selected, fully serviced and with a dream-come-true guarantee. Click here: Dream Bali Villas


Transportation and to get around in Bali was always cheap by any standard. The metered radio taxis start with a flag fall of 7,500 Rupiah and most trips cost Rupiah 30,000 to 90,000 if you are not leaving “town” (2.5-6USD). Most reliable and polite are the drivers of the blue bird or bali bird taxis, and you should avoid other taxis – particularly if they refuse to use their meter.

The guys that are never tired to ask you whether you need “Transport, Bike, Tax” are usually the most expensive. Although they make life easier, because they are all around and available, it often feels like a rip-off. Because there is no fixed price, prices will depend on your bargaining skills, and the mood of the driver.

You can download UBER or CrabTaxi app, although those services are still highly controversial in Bali, an some drivers get beaten up, if they enter “protected areas” where local villagers fear to loose business to drivers, that do not come from their area. You have to simply try in your area and time of day/night whether you find a driver. It’s not guaranteed. But expect to pay only half compared to the metered taxis (because Uber drivers don’t pay taxes, have no license cost, don’t need to service cars etc).

If you brought an International Driver’s License and feel comfortable handling a two-wheeler, then you can rent motor bikes from 5US$ to 15US$ per day. Don’t go too cheap. Literally thousands of motorbike accidents happen on Bali every year, many of them fatal.

The most professional Motorbike and Scooter Rental Service with the best bikes, and best service in our opinion is Bali Bike Rental

Renting a Car for the day or half day

Cars with a driver are a great way to explore the island or go for a shopping trip, or explore other beaches that are a bit far out. We think, it’s much more relaxing to have someone who knows his way around behind the wheel, than to drive yourself through Bali’s traffic. You can fully enjoy the sights, don’t have to worry about getting lost, and there’s always somebody to watch the car and your belongings when you go for a meal or sightseeing.

Everywhere in tourist areas you’ll be offered “transport, transport”, and the rates are negotiable. However, the cars of some of these guys are newer, some are older. Although most drivers initially seem to be very friendly a few are real “artists” and waste hours of your precious vacation by bringing you to shops you never wished to visit because they want to earn a commission on your purchases.
Always make sure to negotiate with gasoline included, to avoid unnecessary discussions at the end of the day! A car with driver can be hired for 500,000 to 1,500,000 per day. Although also here, don’t go too cheap. Drivers need special permits and licenses, insurances, to handle tourists. Cars are often run down, and drivers not the best nor the most friendly, if you don’t have lunch were they think you should. The cheapest offers are usually not the best to take. Prices sometimes also depend on the language skills of your driver!

We usually suggest to hire from registered companies or organizations that manage and monitor the drivers and cars.

On you can book a car with English speaking driver directly online. He will come to your hotel and all will be taken care of hassle free. rentals start at 30USD for 5h and 55USD for 10h:

Newer car models are more expensive, and luxury cars such as a Volvo limousine or a new Toyota “Land Cruiser” will cost US$150 to US$250 and more per day * because imported cars can be quite expensive in Indonesia.

Food and Drink

Wine and Dine

A decent meal for a dollar, a clean room for 10-15 bucks still exists on Bali, although the very cheap accommodation and losmen are getting rare. Instead, today’s budget traveler checks into one of the many new budget hotels on Bali, where you can stay in an air conditioned clean room, with TV and private bathroom for RP. 400-500,000 (25-35US$).

Average restaurants will charge 4-6 US$ for a lunch or dinner. Great food, fresh, and tasty. A coke costs you around 1US$ and a beer 3US$. Click here and check out this restaurant guide.

At Bali’s top hotels Food & Drinks cost not much less compared to hotels in other countries. But the quality is usually excellent. Many world class chefs are running restaurants in the top hotels of Bali. Breakfast is US$10 to even US$30 in big the 5star properties. Lunch and dinner US$20 to US$50 and more per person; and that does not include any wine which can be very expensive here on Bali due to import taxes. On the other hand, restaurants outside the large hotels are often much cheaper, and at the open food stalls and warung you can still get a tasty meal for Rp.15,000.

If you’ve rented a private villa for your stay in Bali, your house staff can do the shopping at the local “warungs” and supermarkets and prepare delicious meals according to your instructions. This way you can enjoy delicious meals and all your favorite snacks and drinks – at unbelievably low prices.