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Discover the Secrets
of Balinese Cuisine

Balinese Cooking Classes conducted by
Heinz von Holzen at his "Bumbu Bali" restaurant.

Classes to learn to cook Balinese cuisine at the Bumbu Bali Restaurant.

During these popular cooking classes, conducted by expert chef Heinz von Holzen, you will discover the secrets of Balinese cuisine and enjoy its wonderful flavours. At the same time you’ll experience the peacefulness of a traditional Balinese home, created by his wife Puji, and you’ll be taken by Heinz to local markets to purchase the ingredients for the dishes you’ll learn to prepare.

  Swiss-born Heinz von Holzen, the former food guru of the popular Grand Hyatt and Ritz Carlton hotels in Bali, is the author and photographer of the well-known books "The Food of Bali" and "The Food of Indonesia" (Periplus Editions, Singapore. Click here to order the book from AMAZON.COM.). Together with his beautiful Balinese wife Puji he opened in January 1998 BUMBU BALI, the first up-market restaurant specializing in authentic Balinese delicacies and conveniently located in Tanjung Benoa just a few kilometers east of many 5-star hotels in Nusa Dua.

Not satisfied with just providing authentic Balinese food and memorable hospitality for his guests, Heinz conducts regular cooking classes for those visitors to Bali who wish to take home more than beautiful photographs.

Personal attention is given to all participants, and you’re guided step by step in the hands-on preparation of Balinese delicacies. Hobby cooks and enthusiastic amateurs will enjoy Heinz’ knowledge and expertise demonstrated in a traditional local kitchen –; set in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of a typical Balinese compound.


  • Cooking class is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and subject to availability


  06:00 Bus departs for the Vegetable Market
06:15 Arrival at the Vegetable Market
07:00 Departure for the Fish Market
07:10 Arrival at the Fish Market
08:00 Departure for BUMBU BALI Restaurant
08:10 Coffee stop at a small Warung
08:30 Breakfast at BUMBU BALI. Discussion of the day’s programme.
09:00 Hand out of menu & recipes. Start with actual cooking.
14:00 Lunch. Debriefing and discussion of the day
15:00 Participants leave for their hotels
Many of the following recipes will be prepared during the Class
  Base be Pasih — Spice Paste for Seafood
Base be Sampi — Spice Paste for Beef
Base be Siap — Spice Paste for Chicken
Base Gede — Basic Spice Paste
Sambel Tomat — Tomato Sambal
Ayam Pelalah — Shredded Chicken with Chillies and Lime
Siap Mepanggang — Grilled Chicken
Sambal be Tongkol — Tuna Salad
Be Pasih Mepanggang — Marinated Grilled Fish
Pesan be Pasih — Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf
Sate Lilit — Minced Seafood Satay
Sate Sampi, Ayam, Babi — Beef, Chicken, and Pork Satay
Kambing Mekuah — Braised Lamb in Coconut Milk
Bebek Betutu — Roasted Duck in Banana Leaf
Be Celeng Base Manis — Pork in Sweet Soy Sauce
Babi Guling — Suckling Pig
Be Sampi Mebase Bali — Braised Beef in Coconut Milk
Nasi Kuning — Yellow Rice
Nasi Goreng — Fried Rice

During this interesting and stimulating day you’ll gain a basic knowledge of preparing Balinese delicacies which will impress your friends and dinner guests at home for many years.

The cost for this course is US$94nett per person (starting from April 1st, 2012 will be US$102nett per person) which includes the lessons conducted by Heinz von Holzen, all ingredients used during the class as well as refreshments.

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